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The Coach breaks down the Flex Offense using animated plays and written articles to teach you the basics and some advanced options in flex and will also explain how you can teach your players the rules of this great man to man offense.
The Art Of shooting
An article from The Coach on the proper shooting form and helpful drills for players to improve their shooting
Ask The Coach your basketball related questions!  Here you can get personlized tips and advice.
Chat With Other Coaches about various topics.  We hope to have regular chat sessions in the near furture.
Open The Play Book to view animated basketball  plays you can use with your teams!  Man to man plays, zone plays and defensive basketball plays.
The Coaches Home is currently undergoing a major update. Please check back often to view a much improved resource for basketball coaches.
Welcome to The Coach's Home! You have entered a web site which uses the latest in internet technology to bring you an educational and interactive basketball experience. It's our mission to enhance your basketball knowledge through the use of animated plays, articles, and other teaching aids which will enable you to implement the tactics and strategies we teach into your own basketball play book. Enjoy your visit and please book mark this page now for easy reference in the future.
The Coaches Home
The Coaches Home

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