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Breakdown of the Flex Offense

Flex is an offense which is widely used by teams at all levels of basketball. This man to man offense is fairly simple to learn and is extremely effective when ran properly. This break down will focus on the rules of the flex offense, the options flex offers, and easy ways to teach flex to your players so it can become part of your play book.

The first step to is too learn the FLEX offense you can do this by viewing our animation of flex. This animation will teach you the key points of flex and also adds some extras such as what to do when the pass goes to the corner.

After learning the basic flex offense you can start implementing some options of flex which will make the offense more effective for your team.

Try the flex break to get into your offense quickly after a defensive rebound.

Learn the rules of flex and man to man offenses. This will make it easier for you to teach you player's to run flex.


These are some basic rules I have pick up to help teach the flex offense.  

If a player makes a pass/ he/she will next set a pick

If a player sets a pick/ he/she will next get a pick

If a player gets a pick/ he/she will next catch a pass or set a pick

If the pass goes to the corner the player who threw the pass and the other player who is high (at top of key of foul line) will set a double pick opposite the ball side and the man who threw the pass will come back high after setting the double pick. This keeps you in the flex formation.

Using the rules above will help your player's understand what they should do in each position while running the offense.